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12 blog considerations
  1. Get a blog! Choose a blog platform with the option of embedding text, audio, pictures, various widgets etc.
  2. Layout - The layout is the first thing that is noticed, so create an inviting layout, so people want to visit the blog.
  3. Topic/theme - Keep your FOCUS! Blog about the topic/theme you are to blog about and not about all sorts of other things.
  4. Promote your blog! Consider: What can you specifically do to get other people to visit the blog? Perhaps you can “advertise” for your blog on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?
  5. Permit the users to add comments on you blog. Get feedback! It creates life and can develop your blog!
  6. Express yourself! Consider what you want with each blog entry and how you can best convey your message/opinion. Write in a way that cannot be misunderstood. Also consider: Which tools are best able to express precisely the message in that blog entry? Text? Pictures? Video? Sound?
  7. Catch your readers! For example, create exciting headlines for you blog entries. A headline must be short, catchy, and tell what the entry is about.
  8. Ask open-ended questions on your blog, so your readers feel like answering.
  9. Write in a catchy manner. Make your language exciting and alive! Choose peculiar angles! Use adjectives!
  10. Be correct! Many readers become irritated if your blog is filled with spelling and comprehension errors. Remember to use spell-check before posting your entry. Keep updated! Regardless of whether your blog is about baseball, an Irish poet, The Hunger Games, or an American car, it is important that you know what’s going on with the topic.
  11. Get RSS feeds. RSS feeds is a tool to get more readers or perhaps retain the readers you already have. Readers who subscribe to your blog using RSS are informed every time you update your blog with a new entry. You might ask the Media Patrol about RSS feed.
  12. Chose pictures of good quality and remember the copyright rules! You might get help from the Media Patrol.