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Technological challenges

Technological help for teachers

We consider it highly essential that the English teachers know where in the school they can get help with technologies. It is, among other things, about the collaboration with the Media Patrol, and we recommend that one or more representatives from the school's Media Patrol participate in the kick-off for the English lesson plan with the English teachers of the school.
The teachers can choose to work with many different technologies, however all teachers will have to know or receive support from the Media Patrol for the following net list:



HeyTell (app)                                                                                                  
Facetime (on iPad)                                                  
Audioboo (also available as an app)
iMessage (on iPad)                                      
Morfo (app)
QuickVoiceRecorder (app)                          
Garageband (app)                                                   
Fotobabble (also available as an app)
The Media Patrol may possibly need to help the teachers find out whether a given technology can be embedded on the chosen blog plat form. In this case a list is not provided in advance precisely because the pupils need to be innovative concerning their production of blogs.
The teachers and the Media Patrol agree on the further collaboration as a part of the didactic planning of the lesson plan.
It is crucial that all technology works - for example Internet access is a must - otherwise the project falls flat! The Media Patrol must provide support to the degree it is necessary, and it must be clarified, who can be contacted and how they can help. If something other than Blogger or Wordpress is used this must be tested and checked by the Media Patrol with the users.


The school’s equipment with regard to hardware, network and software must be prepared, including any of the pupil’s belongings, which can be used.

IT skills and preparation

It is necessary that both teachers and pupils become acquainted with the chosen technologies. Some technologies will be known by some of the pupils, and they can of course share their knowledge. When planning the school must consider how teachers and pupils can be additionally supported.
In this lesson plan the focus is on blogs. We have chosen easy blog platforms, but the teachers need to become acquainted with the chosen form before the beginning of the lesson plan. It must also be considered that the pupils need to be set up as users and be able to set up their own blogs.
The pupils put products on the Internet and these can perhaps be self produced and may involve small films and the like. If the school does not have a general permission, this must be obtained for this type of publishing.
Have the schools acquired permission from the home allowing pictures, movies etc. featuring the pupils to be published on the Internet?