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“Shop-a-Blog” - A lesson plan (8th grade)
1. Description of the lesson plan
English, 8th grade (possibly 7th grade), 3 weeks x 3 lessons = 9 lessons (can possibly be extended). Carrying out the lesson plan in a course of three days can be an advantage over working within individual lessons.
2. Introduction
Working in pairs the pupils are to develop a thematic blog in English for “customers”, who are pupils in another class participating in the project, or possibly a class in another Danish school or an international collaborator. The pupils are to collect and produce an innovative blog through a controlled innovation process using the FIRE-Design model (cf. Rohde, L., & A.L. Olsen: "Innovative Pupils").
3. Targets
In principle the teachers can choose other targets or other emphasis than those chosen by us - therefore these are examples of the learning targets of the project which originate in the Common Objectives of the Danish Municipal School.
It is a prerequisite that all work with the lesson plan is done in English. The teacher only speaks English as a classroom language, and the pupils use English in all exercises as well as in the more independent group work.
English subject aims
  • Express oneself orally with reasonable precision, ease and spontaneity adapted to the chosen genres and situations
  • Express oneself in writing with reasonable precision and in a coherent language adapted to the chosen genres and situations (communicative skills)
  • Use an adequate and fairly precise vocabulary, including idiomatic expressions within selected subject fields (language and language usage)
  • Choose listening and reading strategies in relation to text type, situation and objective (language acquisition)
  • Use knowledge about day-to-day life, living conditions, values and norms among different population groups (culture and social conditions)
  • Information searching and gathering: Ability to gather information in English about the selected theme and demonstrate knowledge of genre blogs
  • Production and communication: Ability to communicate knowledge in English through well-chosen forms of expression in a dynamic blog, which makes the recipient want to follow the blog regularly
  • Analysis: Ability to respond critically to aesthetic devices, content and sender-recipient relations using blogs and their means of expression
  • Ability to collaborate with both peers in own class and other classes
  • Ability to reflect and (re)assess the results of own processes
  • Ability to think divergently
  • Ability to produce, trade, and convey material in interesting manners
  • Believe in own capability and have the courage to take ownership of both process and product
4. Basic Principles
  • Interaction with the world outside of the classroom: Pupils create a blog, which peers need
  • All pupils are focused on a common task: Creating a blog, which can be discussed as a genre with specific linguistic construction
  • English as a common language: Partly types of tasks, which ensure that English is used as the classroom language and partly in relation to the customer
  • Pupils are collaborators and have a voice regarding their product: For example in choice of technology, content and structure and manner of submission to the customer