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Innovative teaching
The lesson plan follows the FIRE-Design model relative to comprehension as well as phases as a part of the exercises. Additional reading about comprehension and development of this model is available (Rohde & Olsen, 2013).
Technology is not necessarily innovative in itself, but in this lesson plan we have used technology to work with innovation in ways, which would not be possible without technology. In this way technology contributes to a didactically innovative way of thinking.
The possible technologies are inserted below in a directory developed by Illum Hansen and Bjerresgaard. It is not the intention that all teachers should use all the technologies. One can choose to work with a few familiar technologies or to expand with new ones. One can also to great extent let the pupils choose technologies that they know, since it is motivating for the work, and thus the subject content can be expressed in many ways and with many different technologies.